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Our Mission

To drive Africa’s Transformation by building its Human and Institutional capacity through Consulting, Advisory, Training, Research and Business support services.

Our Philosophy

We have an Excellence-oriented ethos that uniquely distinguishes us from competition. We deliver Excellence by offering Best-In-Class solutions driven by a strong belief that ‘There Are No Local Standards of Excellence’.

Our Value Proposition

Our company name “Pro Excellence” represents our determination to foster Excellence and is synonymous with the quality of our products and the delivery of our services. Our tagline “Consulting for Excellence” supports our business philosophy. This commitment to Excellence underpins all our activities as we strive to make every assignment a success. We are quickly gaining a presence in the local consulting environment by virtue of our Innovative culture and our commitment to Excellence.


Pro Excellence Consulting arm provides specialized skills in the domains of Management Consultancy, Strategy and Human Resources Management. The insights and best practice solutions delivered help solve tough challenges to improve business performance, deliver operational excellence and foster a greater alignment among People, Processes and Technology to enable business transformations.

Learning and Development

Pro Excellence promotes Continuous Skill Development to drive organizational growth. Our L&D services aim at developing People, Teams and Culture so as to effectively build capacity within client organizations and for key customer segments along their value chain. We enhance employee skills and knowledge through innovative Trainings and experiential programs.

Research and Feasibility

Our Research is geared at bringing more data to the table to enable our clients make informed decisions.

Business Support Services

Our service offerings within Business Support include Recruitment (Selection and Placement of Staff) and Project Management. We support client businesses execute their non-core services as a complement to their internal resources.

Advisory Services

Our Advisory function is split into Project Finance Advisory and Risk Management services.

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with passion and attended to with diligence.

Abigail Adams
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