Beyond The Numbers FY2024/25 Budget Analyses

Welcome to the Beyond The Numbers FY2024/25 Budget Analyses. Click on the link below to update yourself on key Budget proposals and how the Tax environment will shape Business, Growth and Productivity.  

How SMEs Should Approach Technology Adoption

When it comes to Small and Growing Businesses, there are many misconceptions that impede technology adoption. Click on the link below to shatter these myths and understand why SMEs should embrace technology.  

FY23-24 Beyond the Numbers Report

What is the growth outlook for The FY 2023/24? The Pro Excellence ‘Beyond the Numbers’ Budget Analyses takes an objective look at the key issues shaping policy decisions as well as the challenges and opportunities in the Finance Bill. Click on the link to find out more.

Sustainability and Climate Risk reporting – A SACCO Perspective

Even though not legally mandated to, Savings and Credit Societies (Saccos) can leverage Climate Risk Reporting to mitigate risks and identify new opportunities. Click on the link to find out more. 

Beyond the Numbers Report FY2022/23 Budget Analysis

Whereas many only take numbers into account, Budgeting for economic growth depends on other qualitative or macro aspects  We take you ‘Beyond the Numbers’ to help you interlace the various budget and policy proposals and their implications.

Sustainability and Investment

ESG metrics are driving investor decisions giving rise to the maxim ‘No ESG, No Capital’. Click on the link below to explore the global trends in project financing and develop a plan to steer capital into your project.  

Kenya Budget 2021/22 Analysis – Beyond The Numbers Report

We are pleased to extend a complimentary copy of our Beyond the Numbers™ Budget Analysis “Job Creation Through Continued Economic Growth.” In the report, we highlight the fiscal proposals in the Kenya 2021/22 Budget and help you go beyond the numbers to understand the broader significance of the proposals. Click on the link below to […]

Building Supply Chain Resilience: A Business Guide

Timely access to inputs is a fundamental challenge that keeps manufacturers and traders awake at night. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented significant supply chain challenges to our interconnected world. Supply chain disruption has the potential to increase operational costs or totally disrupt business operations. As a business, your competitive edge and sustainability may lie in […]

Achieve ‘Meaning’ at Work

Re}-energize Your Workforce and Enhance Workplace Productivity by helping your teams Achieve ‘Meaning’ at Work.   There is untapped potential in every workplace that can only be unlocked through discretionary employee effort. Even with the best technology, products or organizational processes extraordinary workplace productivity may remain elusive as it is the people behind the technology, […]