In today’s globalised world most client facing teams under-deliver because of poor or under-developed communication skills. While this may seem a bold claim, more often than not, most people go through work without fully appreciating the impact of communication and Civility (accepted social behaviours) to their overall success or failure.

With the growth of “instant information”, mission effectiveness, more often than not, hinges on good communication

Undesired outcomes usually arise from etiquette gaffes or ineffective or potentially offensive interpersonal communications between people of different age groups, professional positions, races, ethnicities, nationalities, and belief systems.There is therefore a need to build communication skills as a way of boosting personal knowledge and for avoiding communication problems.

The Effective Communication, Corporate Etiquette; Business Protocol; Meetings and Report Writing Skills training is an intensive and highly interactive course, designed for busy professionals who wish to improve their communication skills in their workplace and current roles.

Topics to be discussed have been specifically selected to broaden perspectives on Communication in a globalised marketplace. They will explore the Drivers of Effective Communication, Official Communication; Social Media and Communication; learn about Meeting Protocol and Documentation;  Netiquette  and Essential Workplace Etiquette necessary to create a positive work environment.

In addition, our expert facilitators will guide participants on how to achieve virtual fluency in today’s digital world.